Elevator Pitch(es)

Hi my name is Maame Amma Brewoo. I am a PEOPLE Scholar here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies with an emphasis on culture in the age of globalization, as well as two certificates in Digital Studies and African Studies. I moved to Madison,WI at the age of four all the way from Accra,Ghana, and will proudly showcase my roots and culture in area of gastronomy or the relationship between food and culture. During my time here at UW-Madison, I’ve occupied two executive board positions in the African Student Association for two years as the Social media Chair and Event Coordinator and served as a Fashion writer for MODA Magazine.

I aspire to become a successful gastronomist and food entrepreneur with an emphasis on exploring Ghanaian cuisine as it relates to the current global culinary stage. As a major foodie, I hope to expand on my strong culinary background of 14+ years through my food brand that I recently developed. Ghanastronomy with Maame aims to explore the gastronomical flavors, fusions and excellency of Ghanaian cuisine through a series of blog posts, videos, and podcasts in an effort to enable an immersion into the world of food as a form of artisanal expression. I also plan to attend culinary school to expand on my knowledge on food. Eventually I would also like to attend graduate school to do further research in the area of gastronomy and food anthropology.


Click here to view my current resume.

Applied Work

My Network

  • Nasitta Keita, Psychology Researcher & Graduate Student
  • Kynala Phillips, Journalism Undergrad, Essence Magazine Intern
  • Reginold Royston, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the iSchool and Department of African Cultural Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • David Hoser, Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster School of Media and Communication, Film Director
  • Alice Choi, Creator & Author of Hip Foodie Mom Blog
  • Dr. Erica Simmons, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science & International Studies
  • Sabrina Madison, Entrepreneur behind Miss. Progress, Creative Director of The Madison Times
  • Linda Vakunta, Ph.D., Pan-Africa Radio (WORT 89.9) Broadcaster Founder of Project 1808
  • Marko, Owner of Baraka, Ethiopian Restaurant in Madison
  • Eric Adjepong, Ghanaian Chef, TOP CHEF Finalist from Ghana, Co-Founder of Pinch & Plate
  • Kinorah Awini, Ghanaian Chef, Food & Lifestyle Enthusiast Content Developer/Director of Telande World
  • Selassie Atadika, Ghanaian Chef, Creator of Midunu, Private Dining & Nomadic Restaurant

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