Hello Ghanastronomists, Hope you’re all staying healthy and safe during these trying times. On this Sunday morning, I want to take a moment to express my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by this pandemic. Now more than ever is the chance to practice gratitude for our daily bread, to think of those who may be struggling to put food on the table and to those gravely affected in several ways by this pandemic. My heart goes out to all the expecting, new, and established families, to those who are faced with unemployment and/or struggling to pay the bills, to those susceptible to autoimmune diseases, to the medical professionals/healthcare workers dedicating their lives for the safety of others, to the educators and students, to the small businesses who serve an essential role in lives of their communities, to those infected by the virus and to the fallen victims ❤💛💚🖤

Let’s take a moment to remember that we are not alone and are in-fact in this together. Dedicating ourselves to preventative risk measures like staying at home if your employment does not demand your physical presence, social distancing, and washing our hands makes an impact in halting the spread. Taking care of your mental health is also essential especially in these times. Reach from within, continue to pursue your dreams, and adapt. Please know that the power of faith is stronger than fear. If you’re reading this, just know that my prayers are with you and your loved ones. May we strive for continual healing in these times of uncertainty🙏

Much Love,

Maame Amma

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