Happy New Year Ghanastronomists!! Or should I say Happy New Decade! Can you believe we have entered a whole new era of this crazy thing we call life? 2020 is about to be the best year yet, I can already feel the blessings that are coming our way and I couldn’t be more excited to enter a new chapter of growth, prosperity, and endless joy.

As we enter the New Year, it is the perfect opportunity to reflect on all the things that happened in 2019. Without a doubt, this past year has been a time filled with momentous achievements. It’s been amazing to witness the power of bringing visions to life.

Over this past year with developing Ghanastronomy, I’ve realized how much I cherish the process of producing art via the vessel of food. Whether it’s concocting recipes, dressing up food and pairing it with colorful backdrops captured along the way, or travelling to visit amazing restaurants around the world, I have found a passion in immersing myself within a creative process where I am able to construct a reality where food and art coexist. Witnessing a vision come to life is a wonderful feeling. At the same time, carrying the experiences that make you who you are and transmitting them into the work you do holds a special value when shared with the rest of the world.

Thank you to those of you reading this and those who have followed along on this journey. I truly could not have come this far without your undivided love and support. To all the Ghanstronomists, old and new, thank YOU for believing and sticking with lil ole me. I look forward to growing Ghanastronomy and bringing more visions to life. After all, 2020 is THE year of perfect vision and I hope you’re all ready for the roller coaster of new beginnings.

Speaking of perfect vision, here’s a refreshingly sweet smoothie recipe that supports eye health to kick off the New Year!

Papaya Pineapple Power ‘n Cream

For one serving, you will need:


1/2 cup frozen papaya

1/2 cup frozen pineapple

3-4 frozen strawberries

1 thumb-sized chunk fresh ginger

half freshly squeezed lemon

3/4 cup coconut milk

Whipped cream

1 Lemon wheel, for garnish


1) Add the frozen fruit, freshly squeezed lemon, fresh ginger and coconut milk to a blender. Blend on medium to high until smooth. 2) Pour your delicious concoction into a glass. Top it off with a swirl of whipped cream. Add as much as you like, the sky is your limit. 3) Finally, rim the glass with a lemon wheel for garnish.

Ta-da! Now you have a delicious start to the new year. Also, FUN FACT❗❗ Papaya is known to protect your eye sight as it contains high levels of Vitamin A and more. A coincidence you might ask? I think NOT. If you want clearer vision in 2020, try out this amazing smoothie recipe. I don’t make the rules, I’m just the messenger. 😉

Cheers to more visions, more growth and more life Ghanastronomists. 🥂

Much Love,

Maame Amma ❤

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