Hey Ghanastronomists!! Hope you are all savoring the final moments of summer’s sweetness before it melts away. I know it’s only just the middle of August, so let’s just pretend that summer lasts forever. What are some fun memories you’ve made this summer?! Let me know in the comments below!!

One of my favorite summer memories thus far was being able to attend the 31st Annual Ghana Fest in Chicago, IL with my family! It’s always been a family tradition for as long as I can remember to drive down to Chicago for Ghana Fest! This time around was a particularly special one. It was the first time in about five years since the last festival we attended, so we were all very excited to experience the good energy and vibrant people.

As an entrepreneurial-spirited family, we would always go to Ghana fest with the goal of not only connecting with other Ghanaians and the people of Chicago, but also to bring home some cash money. That’s right, the Brewoos decided to continue the family tradition of being one of the vendors at Ghana Fest this year. What exactly do we sell, you might ask yourself? Well, JoLuu Enterprise sells everything from African Clothing, handbags, hand-beaded necklace and earring sets, kente prints, gospel CDs and more! The best part was connecting with the customers, hearing their stories, and helping them choose which outfit or accessory would suit them best! So much fun!!

Believe it or not, JoLuu Enterprise is just one of our family businesses. We are also the proud owners of Taste of Africa, a catering and vending business which you will see in action this Saturday, August 17 at Africa Fest in Madison,WI!!! Hope to see you there!!

This was also my first time attending Ghana Fest as Ghanastronomy, so I was stoked to examine the food and drink vendor scene! There was tons and tons of yummy Ghanaian food!! Anything and everything from jollof rice, waakye, Fante dokono, Ga kenkey, shito, fried fish, tsofi (Turkey tail), suya, yam fries, meat pie, and the list goes on and on!! It was a Ghanaian foodie heaven to say the least! I’m sitting here drooling just thinking about all the amazing food that was there!!! I tried the yam fries and shito and BOY was it tasty! We also brought home satchels and satchels of the Fante dokono and Ga kenkey to try later on.

If you wanna see a video of Ghanastronomy’s Ghana Fest Adventures, let me know in the comments below!!

As for the drinks, I had the pleasure of trying the Yeah! Ginger Juice, my personal favorite! When I tell you I’ve never tasted anything as pure and gingery as this drink, LISTEN, this is not an exaggeration. I could feel the ginger coating my throat and with every sip, all my sickness and sorrows were healed instantaneously!! Seriously a huge fan of Yeah! and the simplicity it offers. Ginger, lime, low sugar, water and DASSIT. No weird additives. No extraness. Just pure gingery vibes. As a ginger gyal, I approve 1000%.

Another favorite of mine was our vendor neighbor’s deliciously strong rum punch!! Initially, I had no idea there was even alcohol in there and just thought they were selling various juices. When I went over there to bother her for a outlet to charge my phone, she gave me a sample of the “juice.” It was sooooo strong, even for the sample size I was given. But after I tasted it, I could see why there was an endless line of people rushing to get a sweet taste of that litty rum punch!

Another highlight of Ghana Fest was seeing my former Professor, Reginold Royston!! I can’t believe I haven’t introduced you all to him yet, but he is one of the main reasons why Ghanastronomy came to life!! He has been a major guide, supporter, and OG Ghanastronomist since day one! And has offered so much advice regarding Ghanastronomy. It was so lovely to see a familiar face in another city outside of Madison, WI. You can read more about Professor Royston and his work on his website here.

I also got to connect with our other neighboring vendor, Mizizi Shop. We forgot to bring a mirror for our customers to use when trying on garments so I asked Paakow, who was selling jerseys with his mom, every time we needed one 😜😜 You can check out their Instagram here.

Overall, I had a wonderful time at Ghana Fest! Met some cool people, ate and drank some yummy tings, spent time with family, and reconnected with familiar faces. I will definitely consider going back again next year!!!

Enjoy the rest of the summer while you can Ghanastronomists!! And stay tuned for the Africa Fest highlights coming soon! I also have some other exciting stuff coming your way that you do not wanna miss out on! Also, if you wanna see a video of Ghanastronomy’s Ghana Fest Adventures, let me know!!

Much Love,

Maame Amma ❤

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