Welcome back Ghanastronomists! As promised, please enjoy PART TWO of the food tour!

I spent six days in LA with my bestie Grace and her fam, Olivia, Marie, and Michael (s/o to them for being such amazing hosts!!) To say the least, I had a really good time exploring LA for the third time! The food scene in LA is quite interesting and will cater to almost any savory or sweet cravings you have!

3. SanSai Japanese Grill- Westwood, Los Angeles, CA

For the third stop on my food tour, I happened to be in the Westwood area, and after checking out the Hammer art gallery, I took a short stroll to SanSai Japanese Grill to satisfy my hunger. I ordered the spicy chicken plate, and to be quite honest with you, it didn’t quite hit the way I imagined it would. As a fast food chain, I didn’t really expect to find anything beyond the average and sadly enough, the chicken tasted way below the average. Doused in teriyaki sauce and little to no seasoning, unfortunately, the chicken failed the test of quality & taste for me. Complete with a serving of jasmine rice, veggie skewer, sumi cabbage salad, and kale salad, I definitely enjoyed the sides more than the protein portion of the dish.

4. Las Ranas Cafe – Culver City, Los Angeles, CA

Next stop, Las Ranas Cafe, a Mexican restaurant situated in Culver City! After an intense night out, we were successful in finding a hearty, soul-fulfilling meal! Upon arrival to our patio table, we were greeted with a basket of tortilla chips and an array of salsas to choose from. As for the meal, I was craving something with a nice crunch, so I opted for some crispy taquitos filled with beef and accompanied by rice, re-fried beans, iceberg lettuce, and cheese. The taquitos themselves tasted a bit dry, but the accompaniments saved the day!

5. Sprouts & Santa Monica Beach

A few hours later, the hunger gradually snuck up on us again. Naturally, we prepared a picnic of goodies from Sprouts, a local grocery store consisting of: Granola, peanuts, milk chocolate covered almonds, walnuts, pretzels and pepitas, a baggie of fresh blackberries, grapes, and grape tomatoes, clementines, SanPelligrinos, and a cheeky bottle of Bacardi for the buzz. What more could you ask for on a sunny Saturday at Santa Monica beach! Sounds like a recipe for paradise, if you ask me.

Stay tuned to see PART THREE Ghanastronomists!!

Much Love,

Maame Amma ❤

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