What’s up #ghanastronomists ! It’s ya girl, Maame Amma, coming at you LIVE with a brand-new blog post featuring all the yummy food encounters I’ve had this spring break! I present to you, the food tour you’ve all been waiting for!! That’s right, ghanastronomists, strap on your seat belts and let’s get ready for The Best of the (Mid)West Food Tour: Spring Break Edition!! For my last spring break of undergrad, I had the pleasure of travelling again after studying abroad in London this past semester. This time around, I decided to hit up FIVE cities for the tour.

1. SALADSUP – Madison, WI

Check out the SaladsUP website for their full menu!

First stop, Madison, Wisconsin! Before I began my journey to the west, I decided to grab a yummy salad for the road trip ahead. Obviously, I had to start in my hometown with this tour because duhhh, I live here. And if you know me, I love a good salad from none other than SaladsUP! If you live in Madison, stop in anytime! You just might find me there 😉

The salad I picked up had a delicious mixture of romaine lettuce, juicy grape tomatoes, feta cheese, warm chicken, shiitake mushrooms, scallions, crispy turkey bacon and a hearty serving of chipotle ranch, and a splash of buttermilk ranch, topped off with a handful of crunchy garlic-roasted croutons, aka a signature Rob’s Cobb with a few adjustments. S/o to my girl Krystal (link to Insta), for tossing this delish salad for me on her birthday (aka pie day)!!

Moments after I acquired my salad, it started to downpour—so severely that I had to chill out in the store before hopping on the bus. Thankfully the skies cleared up just in time before hitting the road.

En route to O’Hare ft. my yummy salad!

2. MICKEY D’s – (ORD) Chicago, IL

After 3ish hours on the bus, I arrived at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, IL. To ease the hangriness felt, I opted for a simple fish sandwich and fries with a nice & tall Fanta from Mickey D’s. In all fairness, the reason I stopped there was because I wanted to put the gift card my mom gave me to use (who doesn’t love a good deal?!) Also, on the lowest of keys, the food is bomb 😉

Stay tuned for PART TWO of The Best of the (Mid)West: Food Tour Spring Break Edition where I cover the Western leg of the journey. I promise you don’t wanna miss it!!
Stay hungry,
Maame Amma ❤

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