Welcome to Ghanastronomy with Maame, an interactive, multi-media platform dedicated to exploring the gastronomical flavors, fusions, and excellency of Ghanaian cuisine. Through a series of blog posts, videos, and podcasts, we will adopt a gastronomical lens, enabling our immersion into the world of food as form of artisanal expression.

As #ghanastronomists, our aim is to think about food beyond it’s functional purpose of nourishment. Together, we will :

Grasp the concept of Ghanaian Gastronomy or “Ghanastronomy” and realize the important relationship between food and culture within the age of globalization

Highlight the contributions and strides implemented by a myriad of prominent figures dedicated to representing Ghana within the global culinary stage and digital media scope

Activate all five senses as we explore the delights of Ghanaian gastronomy via recipe ideation and recreation. That’s right, we are ABSOLUTELY getting our hands dirty in the kitchen; I hope you’re ready ghanastronomists 😉

Meet the Author

A senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Maame Amma Brewoo will be graduating this May with: a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with an emphasis on Culture in the Age of Globalization, as well as two certificates in Digital Studies, and African Studies.

A proud representative of her homeland Ghana, Maame Amma was born in Accra, Ghana, and immigrated with her family of six at the time (now seven!) to the United States at the age of four years old. Upon leaving the warmth of Accra, the Brewoos also brought along their taste for Ghanaian cuisine and traditions, even when forced to acclimate to life in the tundra-like, dairy-land capital of the world. Thankfully, they decided to stay true to their roots, so much so that they wanted to share their love for food and culture with the rest of the midwest. In 2005, the Brewoo family launched their catering and vending business, Taste of Africa, and continues to sell Ghanaian delights like kenkey, meat pie, and jollof rice & chicken to name a few.

Coming from a strong culinary background of 14+ years, Maame Amma Brewoo plans to attend culinary school post-graduation where she will master her skills and expertise with food in hopes of continuing her family’s legacy of sharing Ghanaian Gastronomy with the world.

Follow me @ghanastronomy on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Buzzsprout and Soundcloud to stay connected!

Much Love, Maame Amma ❤

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